About Us

Our team have a wealth of experience and knowledge in dog grooming, and our courses are designed to help you learn a new skill. Whether you simply want to improve your style, shape and technique or whether you are a beginner, we give you the skills you need to become a qualified dog groomer.

dog grooming courses hailsham, east sussex

Dog Grooming Tuition – Pet Owners

At our salon, you can learn how to trim your own dog. Our team specialise in style and scissor techniques, and in our courses, we teach you a range of techniques that cover a range of dog breeds to give you a true reflection of a dog groomer’s work. As well as set courses, we offer tuition that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

dog grooming courses hailsham, east sussex

Course Group Sizes

A maximum of 2 students are enrolled on our courses at one time. The reason for this is because our team found that when the class size was reduced, all students received the support needed to successfully complete the course.

CONTACT our team in Hailsham, East Sussex, to find out more about our dog grooming courses.